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18 November 2002
This site is now at, which is where you are now. Unless something went horribly wrong. And it's also now called, until I can think of a better name - but not fucking 'Poton Missile' - I was sick of that from the day I uploaded it.
I probably won't stay at this host for long, with the ads and all... it's just hard finding a decent free host (yes, I'm a cheap bastard) that allows domain transfer.

10 November 2002

ALL-NEW PENTAROUZERO RELEASE! Yeah, like anyone gives a flying fuck. The only people who still come here were misled by Google into thinking it's a site full of Dreamweaver MX cracks and CJayC naked. Still, here's a patch for Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi, which fixes the slightly fucked up graphics in the existing ROM dump. But it's not a translation.
Something that *is* a translation, is RPG Maker GB2. Which I'm 'working' on. It's also what the screenshots in the last update were of. And the menus are sort of almost nearly finished, so maybe a menu-only release is coming soon. Maybe.

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