Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League Translation
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26 July 2002 - ...

Going somewhere incredibly boring for the next two weeks, expect an update or something when I get back.

TAKO! 14 July 2002 - New Nekketsu Soccer patch

V1.1 of the Nekketsu Soccer patch (which fixes an untranslated screen) is now available. And if you didn't notice, I'm now using titles for the updates that have some relevance to its content... because if this site ever gets large enough to warrant some kind of update archive, a random Futurama/Zany Video Game/Simpsons quote isn't going to make it any easier to find something.
In other news,

... 30 June 2002 - Is it about pies?

"jipsu" informed me of an untranslated screen in Nekketsu Soccer League, it will be fixed in v1.1. So if anyone finds any other bugs or untranslated text, tell me about it before the next release (in about two weeks) Also, Klez #2 and 3.

EXPLOSIVE INVINCIBLE BAN-GAI-OH! 25 June 2002 - Insert quote here

Message board? Yeah, why not. The design's incomplete in places, but I want to get a board before this place goes back to zero hits per day again.
And I got my first copy of Klez today, presumably from this site or one of the others linking to it (
Zophar's Domain, Emu.pl, The Whirlpool, RPGd, OP Gaming and some Unreleased NES Games page). Excellent.

Schedule conflict. 22 June 2002 - You ALL still have Zoidberg

Nekketsu Soccer League translation is finished. First (hopefully last, unless there's something wrong with it) patch released.

I don't like soccer, but what the hell. It's a Nekketsu game, and it kicks ass. 20 May 2002 - BARF!

Uploaded a page for the Nekketsu Soccer League transration, with screenshots and some background information. Maybe I should start actually advertising the damn site now.
(By the way, congratulations to the guy whose ISP is Cablevision Systems Corp., United States and came from my GameFAQs contributor page, you're the first actual visitor)

Yeah. 15 May 2002 - When you see the robot, drink

OK, Poton Missile is online... (Incidentally, Poton Missile is one of Pentarou's weapons in every Parodius except the EU versions of Paro 1, where it's just a "Missile".)

Coming soon: stuff about my translation of Kunio-Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League. This doesn't mean the site's about to become a ROM hacking / translation site - I don't actually have any sort of plan for this place, but whatever happens it'll probably suck in many new exciting unoriginal ways. And it will be related to video games.